Nasally Delivered Dry Powder Dosage Forms: Particle Size Analysis

NEWSLETTER: Nasally Delivered Dry Powder Dosage Forms: Particle Size Analysis Introduction to Nasal Delivery The delivery of APIs via nasal inhalation is of growing interest to companies looking to exploit the benefits of this delivery route. Delivery targets are typically broken down into three categories Local delivery to the nasal membranes (e.g. for vaccines, antivirals, … Read more

Upperton Launches ASAPprime® Shelf-Life Stability Testing

November 16th 2022 : Newsletter Upperton has made a significant investment in ASAPprime® software and hardware to enable the company to offer its clients state of the art stability testing. This exciting new platform can be used to generate robust, accelerated chemical stability data and is now being applied at all stages of the product … Read more

In Vitro Testing of Dry Powder Nasal Delivery Devices

September 15th 2022 : Newsletter Successful nasal drug delivery of dry powder formulations requires a delivered dose that can penetrate beyond the nasal entrance region and deposit in the peripheral nasal cavity, whilst avoiding deeper penetration to the airways of the lungs. This delivery, or deposition pattern, is determined by the aerodynamic particle size of … Read more

Successful MHRA inspection & new capsule filling technology

August 16th 2022 : Newsletter Successful MHRA Inspection Upperton is delighted to announce that during the last week of July 2022 the UK MHRA conducted a routine, three day inspection of the GMP facility and Quality Control testing laboratories following which, no Critical or Major observations were raised. Speaking after the inspection, CEO Nikki Whitfield … Read more

Characterising the physical properties of spray dried powders

June 23rd 2022 : Newsletter The benefits of powder characterisation When developing products containing spray dried powders it is vital that the physical properties of the powders produced are determined. The physical properties of spray dried powders provides important information that can assist during the pre-formulation screening and early process development phases since these properties … Read more

Growing Interest in Nasal Delivery

Growing Interest in Nasal Delivery Recent trends have seen growing interest in exploiting nasal delivery as a means of delivering a wide range of drugs including small molecules and larger biologics for a wide range of indications. The nasal cavity is already a well-established delivery route capable of achieving rapid and high level of drug … Read more

Upperton Adds New Nasal and Oral Delivery Technologies

January 27th 2022 : Newsletter Upperton is pleased to announce that it has bolstered its nasal and oral delivery capabilities with the addition of a number of new analytical and formulation technologies. Nasal Delivery News – Upperton enhances its analytical capabilities by acquiring next generation nasal particle impaction technology Upperton has acquired the Copley Alberta Idealised … Read more