Upperton Has an Extensive Range of Services to Support Your Product Development

Upperton provides you with a comprehensive CDMO services package, enabling your molecule to progress from early feasibility and dosage form selection, to formulation development and ultimately manufacture of the final dosage form to support clinical testing in humans.

To achieve our goals, we offer our clients a formulation development that is led by science and backed up by the ‘know-how’ gained from over twenty years of CDMO services in the industry. Our knowledge spans basic formulation development through process scale-up and the eventual transfer into GMP manufacture.

Our development activities are supported by comprehensive analytical capabilities to enable us to support the seamless development of our client’s product towards the clinic.

Our clients join us at varying stages of the development pathway. No client is typical and all have their unique challenges. Whatever the challenge, we offer our clients a coherent transition into the clinic.

We Can Help You Through This Whole Path or Any Individual Stages

A client’s journey with Upperton might include:

  1. Feasibility study; ensuring your API can be spray dried and optimise the spray drying parameters.
  2. Formulation development; choosing the dosage form to allow efficient delivery of API into the patient.
  3. An ICH stability study; ensures formulation is suitable for storage.
  4. Scale-up studies; using proven models, define increased batch size methods to support development studies and for transfer into GMP.
  5. GMP clinical manufacture of formulation up to clinical phase III.

Pre-Formulation Studies

Upperton’s formulation development team will confidently guide you on the best route forward.

Formulation Development

Utilise our expertise and know-how to solve problems unique to your challenging molecule.

Clinical Manufaturing

First In Human through to phase II clinical manufacturing.

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