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The delivery of APIs via nasal inhalation is of growing interest to companies looking to exploit the
benefits of this delivery route. However, when developing new dry powder formulations it is vital to consider methods for determining the particle size of the delivered dose.

Upperton provides an extensive range of analytical techniques to generate critical product data from the early stages of development through to QC testing of clinical supplies. This data guides formulation development and is used to assess stability and evaluate the performance and quality of the final dosage form.

Upperton can offer clients expert preclinical and clinical formulation development of oral solid dosage (OSD) forms; from early feasibility, right through to clinical manufacture. Formulations can range from simple powder in bottle/sachet for reconstitution to more complex capsules and tablets.

Producing a successful pulmonary drug product requires expertise in formulation development, particle engineering and device selection. Inhalation product testing capabilities are also vital, to ensure that the developed product can effectively deliver the target dose into the correct region of the lung.

Spray drying is a simple yet incredibly flexible technology that can transform liquids into
powders in seconds. Manipulation of feed solution composition and process parameters allows the creation of spray-dried powders with a range of physical and aerodynamic properties.

Upperton’s expertise covers a wide range of pharmaceutical technologies, from traditional
powder blending, granulation, tabletting and capsule filling to more advanced enabling
technologies such as spray drying and jet milling, for bioavailability enhancement, and particle engineering for targeted pulmonary and nasal delivery.

The ability to self-administer small molecules, biologics and vaccines is highly attractive yet the knowledge and expertise necessary to rapidly develop products for this delivery route remains limited in the CDMO space. To meet this growing demand, Upperton has developed UpperNoseTM a unique nasal product development platform. Our aim is to make it easier and faster for small and mid-sized innovators to access the knowledge and capabilities necessary for the successful development of nasal dosage forms.

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