5th February 2019 – Extended Capabilities on Upperton’s non-GMP Pilot Plant


5th February 2019 - Non-GMP Pilot Plant Extended Capabilities

Upperton Pharma Solutions now has a fully commissioned 60 square metre non-GMP pilot plant, mirroring our GMP manufacturing facility. The pilot plant is equipped for three scales of spray drying:

  • ProCept 4M8-Trix for batch sizes of up to 300g
  • Upperton Intermediate Spray Dryer for batch sizes of up to 1kg
  • GEA Niro Mobile Minor for batch sizes of up to 3kg

In addition, the pilot plant has all of the powder handling and processing capabilities offered in our GMP manufacturing facility, for downstream processing of spray dried powders into final dosage forms.

Formulations and processes optimised in our R&D laboratories can be quickly scaled up to produce non-GMP material for toxicology and stability studies and CMC batches. The mirroring of our GMP capability enables a rapid seamless transfer of processes into clinical manufacture, along with all of the expertise and formulation-specific know-how built up during the development stages.

Upperton R&D Spray Drying lab with a 4M8-TriX ProCepT Spray Dryer and two Buchi B290 Spray Dryers
Niro Mobile Minor Spray Dryer in Upperton's non-GMP Pilot Plant designed to improve process transfer between R&D to the GMP Clean suite

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