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Spray Drying

The most versatile formulation technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Upperton formulation development team have over twenty years of “know-how” and experience in spray drying even the most challenging of molecules. From the most sensitive of Biomolecules, to the most poorly soluble of small molecule APIs, we have experience of developing a successful spray dried formulation.

Spray drying is a fast growing technology, with many applications in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical processing:

• Stabilisation of Biologicals: Proteins, Peptides, Monoclonal Antibodies, Enzymes, Vaccines
• Particle engineering: Particle size, morphology and powder flow properties can be optimised for performance in different dosage forms
• Improved bioavailability: Spray dried dispersions of poorly soluble APIs
• Controlled release: Encapsulation of APIs to modify the release profile
• Production of dry powders for capsules and tablets

We have a large range of spray dryers and can process on scales from benchtop production of a few milligrams, up to production of kilograms of material, in our pilot plant. Whether you are looking to evaluate spray drying at early stage feasibility or you require material for clinical trials, let Upperton deliver your spray drying needs

Our dedicated approach enables us to offer our clients a rapid, cost effective spray drying service that is designed to solve the formulation problems that your drug may hold. We offer simple terms and conditions and pride ourselves on the ability to move quickly and effectively towards the answer that you are seeking.

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With over 20 years of experience we have successfully spray dried, formulated and characterised a vast range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products for companies across the globe.


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