19th December 2019 – Season’s Greeting and End of Year Review


19th December 2019 - Season's Greetings and End of Year Review

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year to all of our Customers and our industry contacts from everyone at Upperton Pharma Solutions!

Once again, we head towards the year-end holiday break with the Upperton team continuing to work at full capacity to ensure that all of our customers’ spray drying and formulation requirements are met on time.

Despite the hectic pace it is always customary for us to look back and remind ourselves of what we have achieved over the last twelve months as well as looking ahead to what the New Year holds. And this year is no different!

Highlights of 2019

In January, Upperton Pharma Solutions was awarded an IMP license from the MHRA enabling us to manufacture client formulations for use in clinical trials. Over the subsequent months the number of GMP customer enquiries has grown steadily to the point where we are already looking forward to a very busy New Year in our GMP Manufacturing Plant!

As we approached the midway stages of the year, we began to plan our celebration of the 31st August 2019 which marked Upperton Pharma Solutions 20th anniversary. Needless to say, we are proud to reach this milestone and looking back over the last 20 years we can see the progress that the company has made over this time.

Throughout the course of the year we have continued to invest heavily in people and equipment in order to maximise the potential of our GMP Plant and our Research Laboratories. Indeed, over the course of the year we have spent in the region of 1 million (GBP) in both our facilities and equipment, especially in the areas of tabletting and solid dosage form development in order to significantly enhance the range of services and capabilities that we can now offer our growing number of customers.

Public awareness of Upperton and the company brand continues to grow strongly thanks to our increased marketing activities and a brand new website; we attended more conferences and exhibitions than ever, something that will continue in 2020. I hope that you managed to speak with us at one of the many events that we attended over the last 12 months!

Plans for 2020

We are excited to continue growing both our R&D and GMP services from early in the New Year.

Indeed, we have exciting plans to expand our offering in a number of areas including:

  • Tabletting capabilities (dry granulation and enteric coating)
  • Expand our enabling technologies including
    • PulmoCraftTM our new pulmonary delivery technology
    • UpperSolvTM our screening technology for enhancing the delivery of poorly soluble molecules
  • Increase research projects with universities such as the University of Nottingham

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