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4th April 2018 - Upperton Pharma Solutions Opens New Pilot Plant for Spray Drying and Dosage Form Development

After less than two weeks in our new home we are delighted to announce that our non-GMP pilot plant has come on stream and is now available for customer use.

Our newly refurbished Pilot Plant will enable us to develop processes and produce batches of spray dried powder utilising equipment identical to that housed in our new clinical trials manufacturing plant.

The Upperton Pilot Plant now houses a range of spray dryers that can process solutions at a range of scales, namely:
  • Buchi B-290 (Typical batch sizes of 100mg to 50g spray dried powder)
  • ProCepT  4M8 (Typical batch sizes of 100mg to 200g spray dried powder)
  • Upperton Pharma Dryer (typical batch sizes of 10g to 200g spray dried powder)
  • Niro PSD-1 (typical batch sizes of 20g to 2kg spray dried powder)

In addition to our range of extensive spray dryers we have also incorporated a range of additional processes to assist in dosage form development. All of these are available at pilot plant scale including;
  • Blending and secondary drying of spray dried powders
  • Dry and wet granulation and granule coating
  • Powder densification, slugging and sieving
  • Capsule filling and enteric coating
  • Tabletting

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