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Upperton Awarded Grant to Create Oral and Nasal Vaccine Delivery Platform

Nottingham, UK - 18th May, 2015 - Upperton Ltd, a specialist spray drying and drug formulation company today announced that it has received a significant project grant as part of a consortium looking to evaluate, develop and manufacture thermo stable and cold-chain independent nano-pharmaceutical virosome-based vaccine candidates.

A total project fund of €5.3 million has been awarded as part of Horizon 2020, the European Union research and innovation framework program, with additional funding of up to €3.1 million from the Swiss State Secretariat Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) for the Swiss based consortium partners, resulting in a total project grant of €8.4 million.

The EU Horizon 2020 project is named MACIVIVA, which stands for “Manufacturing process for Cold-chain Independent Virosome-based Vaccines”. The total duration of the project is 3.5 years and brings together world class expertise in the field of virosome vaccines, drug formulation and delivery technology.

Upperton will be undertaking studies at its Nottingham-based laboratory, where it will be developing spray dried formulations of Mymetics’ promising virosome-based HIV vaccine candidate. Focus will be upon producing a range of formulations, suitable for both oral and nasal vaccine delivery. As part of the study, Upperton will be installing a GMP spray drying facility, suitable for clinical manufacture of the vaccine formulations.

The work will be funded by a significant portion of the available funds with the balance being distributed amongst the other consortium partners: Mymetics SA (Switzerland), Mymetics BV (Netherlands); Catalent (UK); Chimera Biotech Gmbh (Germany) and Bachem AG (Switzerland).

“Upperton is pleased to be part of this consortium of European partners bringing innovative technologies together to address a serious global issue” commented Richard Johnson, founder and CEO of Upperton. “As one of Europe’s leading spray drying companies, Upperton is ideally placed to use its know-how and capabilities to help create novel formulations to overcome this unmet need. Indeed, because of the issues associated with the cold chain supply network, large populations are denied access to vaccines. The MACIVIVA consortium recognize the importance of this work and the impact it may have on global vaccine development.”

The MACIVIVA project will receive funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 646122.

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